Four Ways to Remain Stress-Free While Driving

According to some of our Bloomington car dealership customers, and statistics gathered from drivers worldwide, the simple act of driving can cause a great deal of stress. This frustration is doubled for those living in big cities where traffic jams are the norm on a daily basis. The next time you find yourself in a worrisome driving situation, use these four tips to help you de-stress in a hurry.

  1. Deep Breathing Exercises – By taking deep, regulated breaths, you are sending the message to your body to slow down and relax. This helps greatly with lowering blood pressure and heart rate, and, therefore, keeping you calm. So, the next time you’re stuck in traffic, take some deep breaths to steady yourself.
  1. Avoid Potential Stressors – Try to adjust your work hours to avoid traffic jams, if your commute is normally during morning or evening rush hours. If that’s not feasible, then try to leave work earlier or later to bypass potential traffic congestion.
  1. Overhaul Your CD Collection – Music with slow tempos, like jazz and classical, is wonderful for relaxation purposes. Buy some soothing CDs to keep in your car for those times when you need to remain calm and relax.
  1. Appeal to Your Senses – By adding aromatherapy to your vehicle in the way of lavender, chamomile, or lemon, you can retain your focus while driving. These subtle scents have been proven to help lessen stress, and many stores carry them in various forms, such as scented beads and sachets.

The  professionals at Bloomington Ford hope these tips will help you to remain stress-free while driving.  For more information about any of the vehicles that we offer, give us a call today! young girl driving a car