Get Ready for a New Ford Focus!

The Geneva Motor Show recently took place. The new model that stole the show is the completely redesigned 2014 Ford Focus. Indianapolis Ford dealers will be able to sell this upgraded model as soon as July of 2014. With an estimated retail price that is similar to the current model, the new features make the 2014 Focus the car to have this year.

If you look at the 2014 Focus, you may notice that the front end has been given a major overhaul. The new Focus features the Aston Martin-styled grill and the conspicuous absence of the oversized triangular intakes on the front grille. The fog lamps have been elongated, and headlights have been slimmed down for a more modern look. Where the Focus was a sporty vehicle, it is now more elegant and classy.

The interior of the 2014 Focus is a major selling point. Ford has introduced a much sleeker interior, with matte gray in the air vents and a revamped center console. Where the older models of the Focus had tiny buttons that took the driver’s attention away from the road, the new Focus features an 8 inch touch screen for heating, AC, windows, radio and more. There is a handy bottle storage area and a Smartphone holder, as well as a power port and USB port.

Indianapolis Ford dealers are going to enjoy watching this new Ford Focus fly off the lot. The appearance isn’t the only thing that has been improved. The 2014 Focus features a variety of innovative safety features and tweaked engine performance that will make it a hit on car lots all over Indianapolis.

What’s New from Ford in 2014?

If you are a Ford lover and find yourself looking for a new car in 2014, then you are in luck. Car dealerships in Indianapolis are going to be loaded up with new models late in the summer. Ford has made huge strides in researching and tweaking features to create luxury models that are surprisingly affordable. For people who want to go green, there are a variety of models that feature hybrid technology, fuel efficiency and super emissions systems.

Dynamic driving and handling features make it easy to stay safe on the road, while redesigned interiors help you keep your eyes on the road. Look for the 2014 Fiesta, Focus and Fusion for the best in compact value. For those who like a little attitude with their safety features, the 2014 Mustang continues to deliver on the legend of power without compromise.

Electronics play a large part in our lives, and Ford makes it convenient and safe to drive with touch screen controls, smartphone holders and other gadgets. Power ports and USB ports are included in all 2014 models. These are just a few more ways that Ford shows drivers that the company stays in touch with what drivers want in a new car.

Car dealerships in Indianapolis may have informational packets now in preparation for new model introductions. If you want to purchase a new model Ford this year, start shopping now. When new models arrive, you will already have an idea which ones have the features you want, and you’ll be ready to test drive.