Getting the Best Value for Your Trade In

Whether you are buying a new car or a used one, one way to lower the price is by trading in your current vehicle. Getting the best possible price for your trade in is a direct result of caring for your car throughout its life. Even if it hasn’t had the best care, you can still improve your cash value by following a few simple tips.

The used cars Indianapolis residents want are clean and appealing. This means you should avoid smoking in your car. The smell from stale cigarettes stays with a vehicle and is very hard to eradicate. Many people are turned off by the smell, and it can lower your trade-in value. Cigarettes can also leave unsightly discoloration of upholstery, and, in some cases, burn marks.

Clean your car from top to bottom, inside and out. Have the car washed and waxed. Fill the tires and polish them. Vacuum the interior and empty all ashtrays, glove compartments, and any other storage areas. Use a touch-up pen to cover up any scratches. Top off the engine fluids. If you want to spend a little extra, take the car to a professional auto detailer to make it really shine. This last tip can be expensive, so weigh the value of the expense against what it is likely to bring you in return.

The used cars Indianapolis dealers want to pay for will be in good shape and clean. If you put in a little effort, you may get a few hundred more than if you hadn’t. Check the blue book value before you head over to the dealer so you’ll have an idea of what fair market value is for your vehicle.
Where to Find Used Cars in Indianapolis

If you are thinking of buying a used car in Indianapolis, you may have some concerns about where to buy it from. Buying a used car can be risky business, and you don’t want to buy from just anyone. So where do you go to buy a used car? There are many places with used cars for sale in Indianapolis, and these are some of the better options that are available.

The Local Newspaper

In the classifieds section of your local newspaper, there will be a section for cars, both new and used. Some of the listings will be from dealers, and some will be from private sellers. Some listings will include pictures of the used cars for sale in Indianapolis, which can be quite helpful. You may want to check the online listings from the newspaper, as well. Sometimes they have different listings in the print version from the ones shown on their website.

Visit Local Car Dealerships

Used cars sold by local car dealerships are usually trade ins from other customers. They are inspected and cleaned up before they are put on the lot. You will find a pretty good selection at these dealerships, and you can often get financing from the dealer if you need it. You can ask for a vehicle report from a dealer which will reveal past accidents or other problems.


Some government agencies and businesses will sell used cars at an auction. You can get some really great deals at auctions, but you need to go early and check out the vehicles. Many come from repossessions, rental agencies and company fleets.