Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Spring

While the first day of spring is tomorrow, the current weather forecast looks like we might get some snow tomorrow morning. In Indiana, the last day of snow before summer typically happens in March, although it can happen in April as well. As we head into spring, it is a good idea to prepare you vehicle for the change in weather ahead. Winter can be tough on your vehicle, particularly if you live in the Salt Belt. If you haven’t been keeping the salt off of your vehicle over the winter, removing road salt early in the spring is important. Additionally, it is important to prepare your vehicle for the rain and hotter weather in spring and summer.

In addition to giving your vehicle a good wash after winter, you should thoroughly clean the undercarriage. The undercarriage of a vehicle typically gets the worst exposure to road salt, especially since it tends to accumulate on the underside of your vehicle. Some car washes and detail shops can clean the undercarriage for you as well.

Early spring is also a great time to get your vehicle serviced. Ice on your windshield in winter can be rough on your windshield wiper blades. With the spring rains coming, it is a good idea to get new wiper blades to ensure good visibility when driving in the rain. Drivers typically use a lot of windshield wiper fluid over the winter due to the combination of dirt and road salt on the streets and highways. A routine service visit can ensure that all your fluids are topped up and that your vehicle is ready for spring.

Depending on how frequently you have your vehicle serviced, early spring may also be a good time to have the A/C system on your vehicle inspected. Before you know it, summer will be here and it is good to ensure you have a working A/C system beforehand.

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