Great Bloomington Used Cars for Viewing Fall Leaves

Anxious to view that colorful display of fall leaves in your area? Taking a drive is the best way to see a wide range of colors and foliage. Take several family outings to view fall foliage in a vehicle that is not only comfortable, but which won’t obscure your view. Picking a car just because it has big windows is not a good enough strategy. Some cars are designed for optimum viewing, with cool features like a sunroof. Check out some of these Bloomington used cars.

What about a Hyundai Tucson Limited? The 2010 is a premium package model that has a panoramic sunroof. This feature is perfect for the kids when you want to drive down trails and under colorful tree limbs. Reasonably priced, this vehicle is a popular choice for nature lovers.  

Take a peek at the 2010 Volkswagen Tiguan! Volkswagen offers this stylish vehicle finally at a price that you can afford. The Tiguan is specifically designed to give car riders a sweeping view of the scenery. Take a fall color tour in this luxurious, sporty vehicle. It also comes with the sunroof option, but it is not standard for all Tiguans. 

Take your seat in the 2011 Cadillac SRX. You know you’ve always wanted one—now is the time! This five-passenger crossover comes with the “Ultra View” sunroof, which is the perfect portal from which to view and photograph.  Nobody does luxury like Cadillac. Ask Bloomington used cars dealerships about purchasing an SRX with the Ultra View sunroof.

Enjoy the seasonal scenery from the comfort of one of these luxury vehicles. The whole family will appreciate nature’s annual spectacle from the comfort of a safe, stylish vehicle.

Bloomington Auto Dealers Care about Kids

National Child Passenger Safety Week comes but once a year, but we know that parents think about their child’s safety every day of the year. Bloomington auto dealers are committed to providing families with safe, secure vehicles; however, there are other considerations to think about, too — namely, booster seats. Younger and older children are required to sit in booster seats, and most parents comply with the law — but are you using the booster seat properly? Review these helpful tips from Bloomington auto dealers and get the most out of this important safety feature:

– Don’t promote kids too quickly. Older children will tell you they are ready for the regular seat (probably pretty vocally), but parents know best.

– Don’t put children in a regular seat until the belt fits right across the lap. AAA says that this usually around the age of 12, but it can vary.

– Don’t allow kids to put the seat belt behind them. If an accident occurs, this misplaced belt may cause serious harm to the child’s body. A misplaced belt can cause bone fractures or even worse. Straps behind the back could lead to spine damage, as well. Your child should always wear the seat belt correctly.

– Insist that kids use a booster seat, even when they visit friends. When kids say goodbye for the weekend or go somewhere with friends, pass the booster seat along, too. Insist that your child use a booster at all times. Even short trips should require a booster seat.

We hope these reminders about booster seats help you get the most out of this useful safety tool. Bloomington used car dealerships want to help you keep your kids safe at all times.