Hybrid Sedans Compared: Ford Fusion vs. Toyota Camry

In the world of midsize sedans, there are two big names that tend to outsell and outperform the rest: the Ford Fusion, and its competitor the Toyota Camry that consistently ranks as the highest-selling midsize vehicle in the world. In addition to their standard, gasoline engine versions, both the Camry and the Fusion also have hybrid engine versions, which have been growing in popularity.

So now the time has come to ask: Which is better, the hybrid Fusion or the fusion Camry? Does the Camry deserve its place at the top of the sales charts, or is the Fusion the real champion of the midsize family vehicle category? Our Indianapolis Ford dealer has the answer.

Fusion vs. Camry

Ford Fusion vs. Toyota Camry

Before we can truly answer the question “which of these vehicles is better,” we need to answer another related question first: Why, exactly, is the Camry so popular? Does being the most popular midsize sedan make it the best midsize sedan?

The answer to the question “why is the Camry so popular?” is complicated, but the answer to the second part “does being the most popular make it the best?” is not. The answer, in short, is no, the Camry is not the best midsize sedan. In fact, the fact that it’s not the best midsize sedan has a lot to do with the reason it’s so popular.

The Camry’s biggest asset is that it isn’t a very remarkable vehicle in performance or appearance. It seems almost precision tailored to be the platonic ideal of a functional car: uninspiring and plain, but it works well enough to get casual drivers where they need to go most of the time. The Camry is like a Top 40 pop music hit—it’s not the best song you’ve ever heard, but it’s pleasant enough and is incapable of offending anybody.

If you look at the latest design of the Fusion hybrid, you can see the difference immediately. Its sheetmetal exterior caused a big splash when it hit the market in 2013. Rather than the bland standard sedan look, the Fusion’s fascia is taken from the Aston Martin (aka the James Bond car), and the body is shaped more like a coupe than a boring sedan.

Fusion vs. Camry

Once you look inside, the difference between the Fusion and its competitors becomes even clearer. The cabin is incredibly spacious, especially for a car that size, and the steering and driving capabilities are incredibly responsive and clean.

Despite the switch to hybrid electric/gasoline engines, the hybrid Fusion and Camry are still separated along the same lines as their original versions. No one will ever say the Camry is a bad choice of vehicle, but it is an incredibly boring one. The Fusion, on the other hand, performs just as well, or better, while also having a much more appealing design and more cabin space. For us, the choice is obvious.

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