IIHS Safety Test Results: Ford F-150 Trucks Earn the Top Rating

If you are shopping around for a new truck, safety should be among the list of features you desire. Unfortunately, most people do not think about safety features when looking at full size trucks. They figure since they are in a larger vehicle, higher off the ground, they are better protected compared to someone in a car or other smaller vehicle lower to the ground.

However, this is a misconception, and the risks of injury during accidents is just as serious of a concern as it is for people shopping for new cars. Recently, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) conducted crash tests on several brands of full size trucks, including Ford F-150 trucks.

IIHS Safety Test Results

The result of their tests was that Ford was the only full-sized 2016 model truck to score a Good rating in every category tested. The categories the trucks were put through and tested on included:

  • Front Crash Rating
  • Small Overlap Front Rating
  • Roof Strength Rating
  • Side Crash Rating
  • Moderate Overlap Front Rating
  • Head Restraints and Seat Rating

Further, on F-150 trucks tested with optional forward collision warning system, the IIHS awarded Ford with the “Top Safety Pick” out of all trucks and brands tested.

One of the reasons for Ford’s ratings is largely due to the amount of time and effort Ford’s truck development teams spent on incorporating modern safety innovations into the design of new Ford F-150 trucks. The safety teams identified a wide array of potential safety hazards and developed 313 safety-related features and innovations for the trucks, which includes the development of new structure components designed to address crash impacts and new methods for joining structures together.

Ford spent numerous hours on designing, engineering, developing, and testing. Ford even developed its own internal crash simulations using super computers to determine the effects of various forces on different structures at various speeds and accident conditions. These simulations allowed the project team the opportunity to make changes on the fly and see the outcomes of their efforts. In the end, the F-150 has multiple safety features, some of which work together simultaneously during an accident.

Another reason for Ford’s outstanding ratings by the IIHS has to do with ratings earned in previous model years. For instance, the IIHS only gave the 2015 Ford F-150 a Marginal rating. Ford responded to that rating and feedback from the IIHS to make improvements in its F-150 trucks.

Ford’s F-150 trucks are not the only vehicles where Ford uses feedback from independent agencies like the IIHS. Ford constantly reviews the results of crash tests and how safety features can be constantly improved on all model lines. To check out the wide range of safety features on the Ford F-150 or other Ford models, visit your authorized Ford car dealership in Indianapolis, Bloomington Ford today, or call us at 812-331-2200.

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