Introducing the 2014 LINCOLN MKS LD

Very few things scream luxury like the 2014 Lincoln MKS LD. This sedan comes with a powerful 304-horsepower engine, keyless ignition and remote start, and that’s just for starters. Also included is a tire pressure monitoring system and automatic transmission, making this V-6 a real gem. Lincoln dealerships will have a hard time keeping this model on the lot because of all the features it offers.

When it comes to the exterior, this vehicle has it all. Chrome grille, tinted privacy glass and rain-sensing window wipers are just a few of the features Lincoln owners can expect. Getting pampered is what the interior is all about in this luxury car. The front bucket seats are both heated, and each has an 8-way adjustable control. The rear bench seat, like the front seats, offers the best in leather upholstery.

The Lincoln MKS LD doesn’t skimp on safety features, either. In order that drivers can see, regardless of conditions, the vehicle is equipped with adaptive headlights, daytime running lights, front fog lights, and Xenon dusk-sensing headlights. To keep occupants on the road, traction control and stability control are included. This vehicle also incorporates 4-wheel ABS brakes and airbags, for the driver and passenger.

Now for the real luxury! Air conditioning is controlled by dual-climate controls. The audio controls are on the steering wheel for easy and safe access. The multi-functional remote controls the trunk, hatch, door, tailgate, windows and remote engine start. Lincoln dealers can fill in interested parties on the many other features offered when they come in for a test drive.

Tips for Selling a Used Car to a Dealership

To get the best value for used cars in Indianapolis, car owners need to follow a few simple tips. Typically there is only one opportunity to present the vehicle and get the best deal. Making the most of the used car and doing some research can net the best possible results. Failure to adhere to these suggestions could net a sale price substantially lower than might otherwise be possible.

The first thing to do is research the market value of the vehicle in question. The condition and features on the vehicle will contribute to its value. Another thing that will increase its value is to sell when there is a slowdown in the new car market. When there are fewer new cars on the market, the value for late model used cars increases.

The next thing to consider is the current condition of the car. Those that are immaculately clean and have little to no damage are easier for the dealership to sell. That means they may offer a better price to the seller, because the dealership knows it will have no trouble selling it. Spending a few hours to clean the car and top off its fluids can result in a better purchase price offer.

Selling used cars in Indianapolis to dealerships can be lucrative. It can net a good deal of cash if there is no trade in deal, or can be used as a sizable down payment on the next car purchased. Either way, it is an option that should not be overlooked.