The Introduction of the 2016 Ford Focus RS in the United States

Ford is considered an American car maker, but many of the newest Ford models are arriving in the U.S. after being introduced in Europe first. The all-new Ford Focus RS is no different, and it is the first Ford model that will be produced for all markets at Ford’s German manufacturing plant. The North American debut of this sporty new model was at the New York International Auto Show, and American consumers won’t see it on showroom floors or at Bloomington car dealers until spring 2016. There is plenty to look forward to with the new RS that will make it worth the wait.

All Wheel Drive Handling

With the innovative Ford Performance All-Wheel Drive the Focus RS gives tight cornering and amazing performance that has been great on the Autobahn and other less speed restrictive roadways in Europe. This unbridled performance and thrill-seeking will be leading North American drivers to find secluded stretches of road to open it up and see just what it will do.

Multiple Drive Modes for Added Performance

U.S. drivers can get ready to enjoy selectable drive modes, 2.3 liter EcoBoost, more than 315 horsepower, and the most power Ford braking system ever. With optimized aerodynamics and cooling, the new Focus RS has 9% less drag than the previous model. The electronically controlled twin clutch packs on each side of the rear drive unit continuously vary the front to rear and side to side torque distribution for amazing acceleration and controlled over-steer drifts. The Focus RS features an industry-first drift mode, specially calibrated for all-wheel drive, allowing drivers to experience a bit of “Fast and Furious” speed and excitement when cornering.

Besides the sporty, racing type performance, the new Ford Focus RS has several engine and body tweaks to help maintain that performance and speed without damaging other aspects of the ride. Engine cooling, including the largest radiator pack ever fitted to a Ford Focus, upgraded alloy cylinder head, and a robust head gasket all help keep the engine cool.  There have been body changes to allow for better aerodynamic down force and balance, as well as a new front end look, trapezoid grille, and a wide stance with lower wings. 

The all new Ford Focus RS is a thing of beauty. Sporty, sleek, and compact, with an interior that is just as unique and new as the performance. Recaro sport seats, flat bottomed steering wheel, alloy pedals, and extensive gauges and instrument graphics are just a few of the interior cockpit features. Technology and being connected are easy to handle inside the Focus RS, with an 8-inch capacitive touch screen, SYNC-3 voice connectivity to control audio, climate control, navigation, and mobile phone.

Check Out the New Focus RS When It Hits US Ford Dealers

Be sure to keep an eye out for the Ford Focus RS release in the U.S. if you were not able to attend the New York auto show. As soon as this amazing vehicle arrives at your local Indianapolis Ford dealer, you will want to go see it and take a test drive! Just remember, you’re in the U.S., and there are speed limits to obey. car dealer 1