Learn How Ford SYNC 3 Will Complete Your Driving Experience

These days our cell phones seem to assist us with every aspect of our lives, so the idea of integrating our favorite piece of technology with our main mode of transportation seems to be a no-brainer.

Until now, few car manufacturers have made this technology a priority, but before long you’ll be able to find Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone connectivity at all Indianapolis Ford dealers and Ford dealers across the country. As usual, Ford is the leader in integrating technology to make consumers’ lives behind the wheel more convenient.

Ford SYNC 3

2017 Ford Models and SYNC 3

Ford Motor Company has announced that it will offer smartphone connectivity via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in its full lineup of 2017 models. SYNC 3 is the replacement for the MyFord Touch infotainment system that was previously in use. That program offered a few options for integration, but this new system will give drivers access to many more apps, and will seamlessly integrate your phone into your vehicle.

You’ll be able to drive, check the weather, get directions, and let work know you’ll be late without taking your hands off the wheel, by using voice controls. As for touchscreen options, there will be nothing you can do on your phone that you can’t do with SYNC 3.

Apple and Android

Apple and Android are the two main operating systems for smartphones and include the vast majority of the U.S. cellular market. The introduction of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto allows drivers to use their phones with their cars’ touchscreens and voice controls to navigate through many apps and functions.

The idea of being able to simply say “call home” and have your car control your phone to do so, while keeping both hands on the wheel and your attention on the road, is more than convenient; it is a matter of safety.

Widespread Technology

Rather than introducing the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on a few specific models, Ford is diving head first into smartphone integration and installing SYNC 3 on every single 2017 Ford vehicle. That means that your Ford pickup truck for work will have the same technology as the fancy Lincoln that the neighbors have.

There is no toe-dipping when it comes to giving drivers access to life-changing technology for their commute. Ford seems to be subscribing to the “go big, or go home” theory, and we’re betting that consumers will love it!

The 2017 model year is beginning soon, so if you’re interested in purchasing a car that contains Apple CarPlay or Android Auto as part of the stock build, you will want to head to your local Ford dealer and start the shopping process. Since every 2017 Ford will have SYNC 3, all you have to do is decide whether you want a minivan, compact car, sedan, SUV, crossover, or pickup truck.

Let the helpful associates at Bloomington Ford show you a few vehicles, and take some test drives, so that you can make an informed decision about which vehicle best suits your needs.