Lincoln MKX — the Crossover with Benefits

When you shop Bloomington Lincoln dealers in 2015 you may be in for a shock. While Lincoln has long been known as a luxury carmaker, the newest models feature amazing details that go above and beyond consumer expectations. You won’t find just your grandparents’ style of vehicle, these days. Lincoln now offers a variety of models and styles to fit everyone’s driving needs. Any luxury vehicle is expected to have high quality parts and advanced craftsmanship. Consumers who have purchased the Lincoln MKX have listed overall quality as the reason they purchased this medium crossover, over other similar vehicles.

While you may not think of Lincoln as your go-to for a crossover vehicle, the new MKX is the luxury ride that will change your mind. It’s tough and durable, able to handle your family while also giving you a feeling of relaxation and class that is hard to find in a family-sized vehicle.

If you haven’t checked out the newest Lincoln MKX, visit a local Lincoln dealer and check out the amazing changes. Lincoln has long been known for a smooth ride and easy handling, as well as luxury features, and none of that has diminished in this crossover vehicle.  Some of the details and upgrades are clearly visible, while others are somewhat “hidden.”

Hidden Improvements

  • Firmer dead-pedal area with added strength where the driver rests their left foot.
  • Wrapped console panels, door arm rests, and steering wheel for softer resting of arms, legs, and, of course, the drivers’ hands.
  • Upgraded stainless steel scuff materials in the door and tailgate to improve the appearance and offer more scratch resistance.

Visible Luxuries

  • Hand sewn and stitched Wollsdorf leather wrapped steering wheel for luxurious comfort while driving.
  • Bridge of Weir Deepsoft leather seats that have been through a 16 hour leather softening process for an amazingly comfortable ride.
  • Redesigned center console with better craftsmanship and functionality helps keep the driver’s eyes on the road while still being able to access gadgets.
  • Two button clamshell armrest for one button to open the storage, while the other opens the main bin.
  • Smoother alignment of panels throughout the interior, showing a meticulous eye for detail and high quality craftsmanship.
  • Hidden fasteners, smooth edges, genuine wood, and metal make for a luxury interior for both passengers and drivers.

In this age of crossovers, many consumers are looking for vehicles that drive like a car but which can carry the whole family. Luxury may not enter their thoughts until after the fact. When they are driving an economy crossover that is boxy and uncomfortable, and which lacks many of the details that would make the vehicle attractive and comfortable, they may regret their purchase.

If you are in the market for a medium-sized crossover, visit Bloomington Ford Lincoln and take a truly luxurious test drive in the newest MKX. After you’ve placed your hands on a nice soft steering wheel, felt your leg rest against a padded door, and experienced the many small details that make this a luxury vehicle, you will never want to go back to an economy ride.image