Lincoln MKZ: Safe and Stylish

A luxury car shouldn’t just be something with a lot of features and a big engine. It should be a car that makes you feel taken care of, one that has so many features and comforts that you’re finding things inside of it that you didn’t even know you needed. While safety isn’t flashy or attention-grabbing, it’s more important than leather trimmed seats and dual zone climate control.

Lincoln MKZ

Safety is, after all, what contributes to your peace of mind while driving, and you should know that if the worst happens, you and your loved ones will be protected. That’s why we’re proud to announce that the 2017 Lincoln MKZ received a coveted “Top Safety Pick” rating from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, and it’s available at your local Lincoln dealership in Indianapolis.

The tests that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety use employ a more rigorous and demanding standard than the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration testing does. The IIHS uses five crash tests to rate the safety of a vehicle: a moderate frontal overlap test, a small frontal overlap test, a side impact test, a roof strength test, and a test of the head restraints and seats.

These tests were designed by years of access to data from and research on real world crashes, so they more closely replicate real accidents, in a much more accurate way than the relatively simple NHTSA tests.

Crash Tests

The two frontal overlap tests are probably the most important tests the IIHS performs. Only subjecting a percentage of the front end to an impact tests the structural integrity much more than the government’s complete front end crash test. A smaller crash also more closely mirrors real world crashes much better, as it is quite rare for a vehicle to impact something along the entire front end.

Small overlap style crashes account for roughly a quarter of injuries and deaths for all front impacts, so good performance in this test is crucial to the safety of the vehicle.

2017 Lincoln MKZ

The side crash is performed differently from the NHTSA, as well. While both are performed by ramming a sled into the side of the vehicle, the IIHS uses a raised sled, to mimic an SUV or truck. Trucks and SUVs make up approximately a quarter of all new vehicles sold, and an impact from one is much more dangerous than one from a passenger car.

Scoring a good on the IIHS side impact rating, as the 2017 Lincoln MKZ has done, is a much better indicator of the vehicle’s structural integrity and crashworthiness.

Top Safety Pick

What separates an IIHS Top Safety Pick from a vehicle that merely scores well on the crash tests is the capability of the automated front crash prevention. The 2017 Lincoln MKZ scored a Superior rating for the testing of the front collision avoidance system, preventing collisions at both 12 and 25 miles per hour, with no driver input required.

For more information about the new 2017 Lincoln MKZ, including pricing, options, and availability, please don’t hesitate to contact the friendly and helpful staff at Community Ford Lincoln, where we’re proud to serve all of Indianapolis’ Ford Lincoln needs.