Lincoln Navigator: 2018 Free Press Truck of the Year

The Free Press just announced their yearly awards, and the news is exciting: the Lincoln Navigator won 2018’s Free Press Truck of the Year Award! Congratulations to Ford for their hard work creating this vehicle.

This is also great news for Ford drivers who chose to drive this great truck. Like Navigators in the past, this is a very classy vehicle with plenty of power under the hood. Add in plenty of cargo space, and you have the perfect vehicle for road trips, hobbyists, and families alike.

Here at Indianapolis Ford Lincoln, we completely understand why Free Press named this the truck of the year—let’s take a deeper look together.

Straight-Up Luxury

Lincoln Navigator

First and foremost is the fact that the 2018 Lincoln Navigator embodies luxury more than most other vehicles in its class. From the gorgeous exterior to the 30-way adjustable seats covered in incredibly soft leather, this is a car that just begs you to spend time on the road. It makes commutes, road trips, adventures, and even drives to the store for a quart of milk feel a bit like a luxury excursion. Toss in Revel audio and laser-etched wood trim, and you get a vehicle sure to please even the pickiest of people.

Under the Hood

Starting at $72,055, the new 2018 Navigator’s high price point places it firmly in the line of luxury driving right off the bat—but that high price point isn’t simply overinflated; it’s reflective of what’s under the hood and built into the vehicle to boost performance.

With the twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter engine alone, the Navigator has enough power to produce 450 HP and 510 ft-lb of torque for conquering the roads. Despite its power, the Navigator’s engine makes the most of efficiency by including dual-point fuel injection and complete electronic control. Achieving between 19 and 23 mpg, this fine balance doesn’t make it the eco-friendliest vehicle on the road, but it does make it at least acceptable for those conscious of fuel-consumption.

Unique Performance Features

The 2018 Navigator also has a slew of unique performance-boosting features built inside. A single center console knob lets you micro-adjust the vehicle’s performance to better suit driving conditions. Available modes include:

  • Excite
  • Conserve
  • 4×4
  • Slippery
  • Deep

When you hit the button, the Navigator automatically adjusts everything, from shock settings to fuel injection rate, giving you more control over the road.

2018 Free Press Truck

Then, consider adaptive suspension. This feature controls the up and down movement of the vehicle—all cars have a suspension system like this. Where the Navigator differs is in the fact that the vehicle constantly monitors and adjusts itself to compensate for various driving conditions. That means less bouncing in bad weather, fewer hard hits when you come across a pothole, and smoother driving overall. Best of all, the adaptive suspension connects directly to the Navigator’s six driving modes for better customization and control.

Last, but certainly not least, is the fact that the Navigator boasts an incredible towing power of 8,700 lbs. That’s far more than most of us will ever use, but if you happen to own a boat or a trailer, rest assured it will let you tow it safely and securely.

Feeling excited about slipping into the seat of luxury? Can’t say we blame you. Let’s get you into the driver’s seat and on the road with a test drive. Call your local Indianapolis Ford Lincoln at Community Ford Lincoln: 812-331-2200.