Lincoln’s 400HP 2017 MKZ

You may get a little more than you planned for the next time you visit a Lincoln dealership. Lincoln’s 400HP 2017 MKZ isn’t just a new luxury sedan in terms of comfort. It has several elements that make it a better driving experience all the way around, with safety in mind. Maybe you don’t feel like you need 400HP. If so, Lincoln has you covered with a 4-cylinder hybrid option as well. Either way, Lincoln has stepped up its game and even included one feature that will leave passengers wondering what took automakers so 400hp

Power and Maneuverability

The new 3.0 liter GTDI V6 with all wheel drive and a twin turbocharged engine offers a whopping 400HP with 400 ft.-lb. of torque. Add on dynamic torque vectoring for the experience of driving a luxury sedan that takes corners as if it’s on rails.

Sometimes you’re in the mood for a slow Sunday drive. Other days, you want the windows open, panoramic fully retractable roof open, music blaring, and the feel of a sports car. You can get either option by using the Lincoln Drive Control feature, which allows you to switch between Comfort, Normal, and Sport.

Safety and Effortless Driving

Adaptive Cruise Control is perfect for those times when traffic on the freeway comes to a slow crawl. The Stop and Go technology makes it easy to slow down when needed, and then resume your speed when traffic finally picks up. When the driver in front of you suddenly comes to a halt, this feature will automatically activate the brakes.

Speaking of the brakes, drivers no longer have to keep their foot on them when stopped for long periods of time. Instead, Auto Hold keeps the car in position with the touch of a button. Even parking is a breeze with Enhanced Park Assist, technology that relies on ultrasonic sensors to help you park and un-park your car even in the tightest of spots.

The push button gear shift and floating center console make managing controls much easier, while knobs and dials were installed to replace the sliders on vents for easier heating and cooling management. Even the USB ports are easier to get to so drivers never have to fumble around.

Sound Enhancements

Finally, door speakers designed for optimal audio quality! In fact, the door was redesigned just to make sure that the speakers were in the best location rather than next to your feet. On top of Revel audio, there is also an active noise control system so that you can keep the exterior sounds where they belong, and not in your car.

From the LED headlamps to the increased storage space, the 400HP 2017 MKZ has everything you could ask for in a luxury midsize sedan. Car dealerships in Indianapolis are already gearing up and making plans to have this luxury sedan in stock. Whether you want the 2.0 liter GTDI 4 cylinder with front wheel drive, or the 3.0 version, this luxury sedan was built with comfort, safety, and pleasure in mind.led headlamps