Meet the 2015 Ford Grand C-MAX

In the field of MPVs, Ford has been the benchmark for many other manufacturers with the Ford C-MAX. Over the years, many vehicles have been styled similarly and have tried to match the features and benefits of the C-MAX. Until the introduction of the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer, the C-MAX didn’t really have much competition. With a mid-life restyling, has Ford been able to keep the C-MAX at the top of the heap? According to press releases and reviews of the vehicle in the U.S. and overseas, the 2015 Ford Grand C-MAX is a winner. Indianapolis Ford dealerships agree: The C-Max is a great family vehicle for a variety of reasons.

External Modifications

Essentially, reviewers and consumers alike are enjoying the new 2015 Ford Grand C-MAX. While it has had some changes, the vehicle and the benefits of choosing it remain the same. Space, fuel economy, and a sleek look are all reasons given by drivers and families who have been enjoying this vehicle. It features some slight exterior changes and updates, such as new front and rear lights, stylish grille, and better fog lights. Other than a sharper crease on the side and new alloy wheels, the body is generally the same as the old C-MAX. 

Internal Modifications

The biggest changes are noted inside the vehicle. There is a nice intuitive dash layout and Sync2 touch screen, DAB radio, electric windows, and heated windshield, as well as hill-start assist and tire pressure monitoring within easy reach. Automatic lights and windshield wipers, keyless start, cruise control, and dual zone climate control help make the C-MAX easier to control and drive.  Having everything you need to control at your fingertips makes driving less stressful and also safer. The introduction of technology with the touch screen, navigation, and other electronics helps keep the C-MAX at the forefront of Ford vehicles and technology.

The interior space is the same, which means that the third row of seating is still best for small folks or children, but all 5 of the rear seats fold flat to allow an amazing amount of storage. There have been several small changes made that increase the Grand C-Max’s appeal by making it more user-friendly with more options. Performance-wise, the new Ford Grand C-Max is still an affordable MPV with good fuel economy and decent handling.  The Ford suspension gives good balance, to make cornering smooth and bumpy roads a little easier to ride, while keeping outside noise … outside.  The C-MAX isn’t an SUV, and it’s not a minivan, but it has all the best features of both vehicles combined.

Storage Space

The idea of having a vehicle large enough to haul 7 passengers, as well as all their gear, and that is still easy to handle is a goal that Ford has met and exceeded, time and time again. While the BMW MPV may have offered a bit of competition, the 2015 Ford C-Max really didn’t have to restyle and upgrade, because it was already a superior vehicle for its class.

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