National Ford Mustang Day Is April 17th!

To celebrate the introduction of the first Ford Mustang to the world back on April 17, 1964, at the World’s Fair, many car enthusiasts, Mustang club members, Ford car dealers like Community Ford Lincoln, and others have banded together to make April 17th National Ford Mustang Day. During this day of celebration for the pony sports car, everyone who owns a Mustang is encouraged to drive it and show it off in their community.

Festivals, celebrations, car shows, and other events will be held all over the world. Since April 17th just happens to fall on a Monday, many communities are planning weekend-long celebrations to give people who work during the week the opportunity to share in remembering the birth of the Mustang.

Ford Mustang

For instance, in Detroit, the Mustang Owners Club of Southeastern Michigan is organizing an event that will be held on Saturday, April 15th. They will kick off the celebration of National Mustang Day with a weekend event, starting at Ford Motor’s World Headquarters at the plant that currently produces Mustangs in Dearborn, MI.

From there, Mustang owners will be able to drive their Mustangs through the streets of Detroit as they make their way to Gateway Classic Cars, the second stop along the route. After departing there, the next stop with be the Automotive Hall of Fame. The final destination is at the Mike Berardi Collection.

Mike Berardi is Ford’s Global Director of Service Engineering Operations. Mr. Berardi personally loves the Ford Mustang and, over the years, he has built his own collection of fine specimens, which includes 43 different Mustang models. Mr. Berardi is fortunate to have an original 1964.5 model, as well as other unique models, including present-day Mustangs.

Among Mr. Berardi’s collection are two Mustang IIs, three different models used at the Indy 500, a 2013 Shelby GT500, and a 1966 Shelby GT350H. If you miss out on the National Ford Mustang Day celebrations in Detroit, Mr. Berardi will be giving a personal tour of his collection on June 9, 2017, during the 50th-anniversary show for the Mercury Cougar. Entrance to the Berardi Mustang Collection will be free for all registrants for the Mercury Cougar celebration show.

History of National Mustang Day

The origins of National Mustang Day would not even have been possible without the support and enthusiasm for the Ford Mustang. This muscle car quickly became a favorite with people within the first few years of production, and clubs and registries started to develop and form. Over time, these groups have continued to show support for the ever-evolving Mustang.

Berardi Mustang Collection

Then, in late 2015, a group of Mustang enthusiasts got together to work toward a common goal: to get as many Mustangs on the road and out in public on April 17th. Thus, the first worldwide National Mustang Day event was celebrated. This year, they are working equally as hard to get even more clubs, registries, and individuals involved to commemorate the day.

Here at Community Ford Lincoln, we look forward to celebrating National Mustang Day the entire weekend. Stop on by to check out the latest Mustang models and test drive one or call us at 812-331-2200 today!