New 2018 Lincoln Navigator L 4×4 Black Label: The Silent Behemoth

The luxury vehicle market is brimming with opposition right now. Here at your Indianapolis Ford Lincoln, we’re excited to share the news about a new upgraded Lincoln Navigator. Lincoln is looking to one-up the competition for SUVs.

The all-new 2018 Navigator Black Label does exactly that. Trust us when we say that this is perhaps the most comfortable and luxurious vehicle in its class this year—and possibly even next year, too! Here’s what has your local Indianapolis Ford Lincoln so excited about this new model.

Comfort and Aesthetics

New 2018 Lincoln Navigator

The 2018 Lincoln Navigator L Black Label shows off with designs of luxury and comfort in full force. Among other options, you’ll first get to choose from a few flavors of interior themes: Yacht Club, Destination, and Chalet. These different choices reflect Lincoln’s mastery of interior design and its ability to work with multiple luxury personas. Each has just the right finishing touches, detail, texture designs, and color schemes to create a cohesive feel.

The Black Label’s leather is top-notch, incredibly soft, and completely reliable. It covers nearly all the interior surface area with a soft, comfortable cover—even the door handles. The headlines and door pillars are each shrouded in a material like suede, accenting the Black Label leather with just the right balance. Carpets are soft and cushy to touch, yet easy to maintain as well. The Black Label model is sure to please those looking for an extremely comfortable SUV.

The Core

Lincoln hasn’t made a reputation for its outstanding engines on the luxury lineups, but it’s far from obsolete. In fact, the core powerplant of this 2018 Lincoln Black Label is from the Ford Raptor. Ford’s advanced pickup truck engines have made their way into the Lincoln lineup to give the Navigator an edge over its 2018 competition.

Its 10-speed 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 outputs 450 HP and 510 ft-lb torque, which are very noticeable 70 HP and 50 ft-lb torque increases from the previous Navigator model. These specs also land the Navigator over the Cadillac Escalade by 30 HP and 50 ft-lb torque, just in case you were looking at one.

2018 Lincoln Navigator

The 2018 Navigator also repurposed around 200 pounds of metal to make it quieter than before. Some of that metal was removed entirely, adding a bit of efficiency to its gas mileage. The frame and windows are lined with sound-dampening materials to keep what should be inside where it belongs. High-tech microphones inside further quiet the beast within. The result is that this is now the most silent vehicle in its class. The Black Label Navigator is, by far, the easiest SUV to have a conversation in without the engine drowning everyone out.

Finally, a dial transmission adds that little bit of convenience as you’re cruising around the streets. You can change the engine and suspension settings to match the environment you’re in perfectly, too, so it’s easy to get the right feel on the road. There’s the sports setting, conservation mode, and 4×4 mode that can be applied as needed. Mud and snow settings come in two options: slippery or deep.

Ultimately, the Lincoln Navigator Black Label brings a new twist to luxury SUVs, especially when compared to the rest of 2018’s lineup. Other brands are going to have a tough time competing with the numerous luxury features from Lincoln combined with the raw power from Ford. Take one for a spin at your Indianapolis Community Ford Lincoln and appreciate just how quiet (yet powerful) the new Navigator is.