New Hybrid Fords Make Summer Driving Affordable

Gas prices seems to go up every summer, but a visit to an Indianapolis Ford dealership might make those $4 a gallon prices a little easier to bear. The best way to beat the heat and the gas prices while still enjoying the long drives during summer is with a Ford hybrid.

Not too many years ago, buying a hybrid car meant having to give up on the idea of owning an American car, and settling for something manufactured somewhere else, with the profits going to somewhere overseas. But with the revitalization of Ford Motor Company, buying an American-made hybrid is not just an option; it’s a good idea.

The Ford C-Max Hybrid offers drivers the assurance that their car was made in America and that it can average 37 mpg on the highway. And it just gets better from there. This is a hybrid, so the city mileage is even better than on the open road. This car gets an average 42 mpg in city traffic.

So, whether it’s for a family vacation, or for the daily drive to the office, this car at Indianapolis Ford Dealerships is meant to bring those foreign car buyers back to the USA. The four-door hatchback C-Max provides comfortable seating for the entire family with room in the back for the luggage for that weekend or week long summer getaway.

Despite the rising price of gas, and everything else, getting away this summer can be affordable if the first stop is an Indianapolis Ford dealership.

Back to School Car Deals Available Now

Almost every parent dreads sending their child off to college and hopes that he or she will come home more often than they probably will. One way to make it easier to see your child more often is to send them off to school with one of the many cars for sale in Indiana.

That first weekend that they are away at college, they might call a half dozen times, homesick and convinced that college is just too hard. On those days, the parents’ job is to convince them to stick it out and make some new friends. By mid-semester, parents often find they are begging their sons and daughters to come home for a visit.

Providing the new freshmen with cars for sale in Indiana makes it harder for them to spend every weekend in the dorms with their new friends. The new car can also reassure mom and dad that when they do head home for the weekend or for the holidays, they’ll be safe on the way.

Getting a new or used car at an Indianapolis Ford dealer can make life easier for both mom and dad and for the new student. With a car, the student will not have to worry about making it across town to buy toilet paper or across campus to get to class on time. Mom and Dad won‘t have to worry about them ending up with a flat tire on the way home for Thanksgiving break.

Whatever the exact reason – making sure they get to a job or that that they get to class on time – providing college students with a reliable car is just one more way for parents to ease their own worries.