New Survey Shows Ford Has Industry’s Highest Customer Satisfaction with Quality

A survey conducted in April has revealed Ford now has the highest customer satisfaction with quality, compared to all major automobile manufacturers. Consumers who purchased Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles from 2010, were surveyed as to how satisfied they were with the quality of the vehicles.

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Out of those who responded, 84% of consumers stated they were highly satisfied with the quality of their 2010 Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles they either purchased or leased. This was a four-point improvement in quality compared to a similar survey conducted during the fourth quarter in 2009. An independent firm, RDA Group of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, conducted the quality survey.

In addition to the high customer satisfaction with quality, participants were also asked about the number of vehicle defects, or “Things Gone Wrong” (TGW) within the first three months of their lease or ownership. The survey discovered people with Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury vehicles reported fewer TGWs compared to all other major vehicle manufacturers. Of those surveyed, Ford experienced an 8% improvement with a reduction in TGWs compared to 2009, with 1,107 TGWs reported during the 2010 survey per 1,000 vehicles.

The purpose for the third-party surveys is to help Ford regain its position as the number one automaker, not only here in the United States, but worldwide. Prior to the auto crisis in 2008, Ford and other domestic manufacturers were struggling to compete with foreign automakers.

However, thanks to Ford’s forward thinking, they were the only U.S. automaker who did not have to rely upon a government bailout, as they already had plans in place to make Ford a leading competitive within the auto industry.

Ford has continued to strive on improving the quality and workmanship of all of its vehicles every year. In recent years, the number of warranty repair rates on new vehicles within the first three months of ownership or lease has declined steadily, and more than 40% in all of its automobile divisions around the world.

Consumers’ satisfaction with Ford also has increased in recent years thanks to Ford’s ongoing discipline and commitment to consistency. In addition, Ford continues to conduct regular and frequent customer surveys to guarantee it remains on track and delivers the very best vehicles with the highest quality.

Two specific vehicle models that have exceptional quality satisfaction are the Ford Fusion Hybrid and the Ford Taurus. Fusion owners are 93% satisfied with the quality of their vehicles, while Taurus owners are 92% satisfied. Other vehicles that have also noticed dramatic gains include:

  • Focus
  • Mountaineer
  • Ranger
  • Expedition
  • Navigator
  • Milan Hybrid

As a side effect of the increase in quality, the resale value of Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles has steadily increased an average of 23% year after year, exceeding the industry average by more than 4%. To experience the latest quality Ford and Lincoln vehicles, please feel free to stop by Bloomington Ford Lincoln or give us a call at 812-331-2200 today!

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