Older Cars Connect to Digital Age with Ford SmartLink

Ford is making sure that owners of recent model vehicles aren’t left out of the rapid technological progress the automaker has made by offering them the new Ford SmartLink module.

New Ford SmartLink

Ford has been a leader in automotive telematics, but the downside of all the progress the automaker has made is that buyers of vehicles made as recently as two or three years ago may feel a generation behind in the technology offered by their vehicles.

The SmartLink module addresses that, allowing Ford and Lincoln owners many innovative technological features available on brand new vehicles, such as vehicle starting, locking, and unlocking via a smartphone app, a Wi-Fi hotspot, vehicle location assistance, and much more. Ford dealers are hoping the devices will inspire brand loyalty among Ford and Lincoln buyers.

The SmartLink module is available to owners of Ford and Lincoln vehicles produced between 2010 and 2016. The device plugs into a vehicle’s OBDII port, located beneath the dashboard. The SmartLink device includes a GPS chip and a 4G/LTE modem. To make use of the smartphone connectivity provided with the device, Ford or Lincoln owners will need to download an app.

Vehicle owners have been able to purchase OBDII devices to add functionality, such as Wi-Fi and remote start for several years, but the SmartLink device is the first such device manufactured by an automaker and specifically made for its vehicles. Users of the SmartLink will not experience some of the compatibility problems associated with other aftermarket devices not made by automobile manufacturers.

In addition to the remote locking and starting and other options described above, the device offers a number of other features. The SmartLink device will be able to display vehicle health information via the smartphone link, allowing owners to monitor the maintenance needs of their vehicle. The device will even help facilitate scheduling repair and maintenance appointments at Ford or Lincoln dealers.

Parents will also be able to use the SmartLink to set limits on their teens’ driving privileges. Using the SmartLink, parents will be able to set location boundaries and speed limits. If those rules are violated, the device will notify parents via a text message. SmartLink also offers security monitoring.

Digital Age with Ford SmartLink

Owners of recent model Ford and Lincoln vehicles who want to take advantage of all the benefits offered by the digital age should inquire about obtaining a SmartLink. Ford and Lincoln owners will be able to purchase the device from dealerships. Prices have yet to be announced for the devices.

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