Paying It Forward with Ford

Techstars Mobility, Driven by Detroit, is a Ford-backed initiative that offers support to 10 startup companies. Bill Ford, the executive chairman of the Ford Motor Company says, “Techstars Mobility pays forward the startup legacy of Ford Motor Company by supporting these smart and ambitious inventors, developers, and thinkers who are creating innovative solutions to a wide range of future mobility challenges.” Indianapolis Ford dealerships are proud to be involved in a motor company that does so much to give back and promote industry for startups. Paying it forward to future technology companies is a wonderful way to help the automotive industry, as well as any fresh new ideas and companies that are just getting started.

This initiative is a startup mentorship accelerator program to foster innovative transportation solutions while working to alleviate global challenges like parking, air and emissions quality, and traffic congestion.  The winners will move into new offices in Detroit for the duration of the Techstars Mobility program.  From early June through early September, these 10 startup companies will receive three months of intensive training for business development, recruitment, and customer acquisition, as well as up to $120,000 in funding. Guidance from top business advisors, investors, and mentors in the mobility field are also part of the package!

Meet the Winners

The lucky startups for the 2015 class of Techstars Mobility, Driven by Detroit, are:

  • Ansik: is a company which makes an app that will make automotive service efficient and affordable.
  • CDL Warrior: is a trucking industry platform for communication and productivity to connect drivers with the supply chain for more efficiency, visibility, and compliance.
  • Classics and Exotics: are all about allowing car enthusiasts to experience classic and exotic vehicles through an exclusive prescreened rental program.
  • Cosmos Browser: is a mobile browser that lets vehicles utilize SMS Internet without using mobile data or Wi-Fi.
  • Elegus Technologies: offers a Kevlar lithium-ion battery separator for long lasting power.
  • Gear Brake: makes an easy to install brake light module to illuminate the lights without pressing the brake when the vehicle slows down.
  • Motorosa: allows automotive enthusiasts the chance to combine content, community, and commerce.
  • My Dealer Service: helps auto service departments with managing workflow and customer service using digital connectivity.
  • SPLT: is an app for social ride sharing so that people can share fares, reduce traffic, and meet people who travel similar routes.
  • WISE Systems: offers analytics software so that delivery companies can give more efficient routing.

Other sponsors of the program include: Magna International, Verizon Telematics, Honda R&D Americas, McDonald’s, and Dana Holding Corporation.

Since December of 2014, Techstars Mobility, Driven by Detroit, accepted hundreds of applications from 42 countries and 6 continents. The selected winners are comprised of a diverse group of entrepreneurs with backgrounds in engineering, computer, and science. There are winners between the ages of 18 and 43 who have graduated from Harvard, MIT, and other leading universities.  The technologies offered by these startups will make life easier for auto aficionados, drivers, and passengers for years to come.

Show your support for Ford Motor Company and the other sponsors of the Techstars Mobility initiative by visiting and shopping Indianapolis Ford dealerships for your next vehicle.clip image002 0001