Redesigned 2017 Ford Fiesta Stays True to Its Roots

Finding the right sedan for your needs is like looking for a needle in a haystack. The new and improved 2017 Ford Fiesta is more like the big metal bar sticking out of the haystack. The Ford Fiesta has always been a solid choice in the subcompact sedan world, so it’s easy to see why the 2017 Fiesta stands out from its competitors. Get the scoop on this amazing release here, and then test drive one for yourself at your local Bloomington Ford dealership.


Redesigned 2017 Ford Fiesta

You can expect great handling from most sedans, and the 2017 Fiesta delivers it in spades. This model handles the road with ease, from the sharpest U-turns to the windiest mountain roads. You can feel or sense the road comfortably without getting overwhelmed in the Fiesta, giving you more freedom than ever to really enjoy your drive.

You have a few engines to choose from, with the 2017 Fiesta, making it possible to fully customize your new vehicle. Choose from standard fuel-efficient engines or a tiny, turbocharged engine that gets unbelievable fuel efficiency without letting up on performance. All of these options get you the best value per mile based on whether you’re after more performance or more economy.

Engine and MPG

The Fiesta’s standard offering contains a 1.6-ltr. four-cylinder engine that provides an impressive 120 horsepower. It’s available in a 5-speed manual or automatic transmission and gets 27mpg on the street and 35mpg on the highway.

Need something a little easier on gas? Pick the miniature three-cylinder 1.0-liter engine instead. It gets you around 123 horsepower, so you aren’t sacrificing any performance, yet this little guy still achieves around 42mpg on average. It’s just really a great choice when money is tight or you want to save on your fuel expenses.

The final option is the 2017 Fiesta ST’s four 1.6-liter cylinder turbocharged engine. This engine is a monster that puts out 187 horsepower. Its unique 6-speed manual transmission improves all aspects of how the vehicle handles. If you want the most out of your 2017 Fiesta, this is the way to go.


The 2017 Fiesta may be small, but it isn’t lacking safety features. Numerous airbags that deploy from all directions keep you remarkably safe in accidents. Children, as usual, are still safest in the middle-most backseat.

The Fiesta also comes with an auto-activating specialized stability control system that can detect and monitor predetermined safe handling limits. When the vehicle exceeds these limits, it will kick in and attempt to stabilize your vehicle. It has the intended side effect of reducing engine power through brake utilization to keep the user in control of the vehicle.



Ford is well-known for sticking with their most tried and true designs, and the Fiesta offers a mixture of modern upgrades and time-tested esthetics. It has more leg and storage room than most subcompact vehicles and can, if you purchase the larger hatchback version, also seat up to five people. Both the dashboard and doors are coated with a soft, comfortable material for added convenience.

The Fiesta’s numerous storage spaces and ergonomically designed cup holders make it well-suited for road trips, but it’s just as ideal for city driving, too.

Luxury-wise, a 6.5-inch touchscreen provides a comfortable amount of screen real estate to access the Fiesta’s Sync 3 system. Ford’s technology lets you integrate your smartphone to your car for ease of use and access to convenient vehicle services.

Feeling curious about the 2017 Ford Fiesta yet? If so, your local Bloomington, IN Ford dealership wants to invite you down for a test drive. Come on in today and see if this is the dream car you’ve been looking for!