The Role Peer Reviews Have on Automobile Purchases

If you’re considering making a car purchase from Bloomington Ford, you have options. Maybe you’d like a Ford Focus or a Ford Expedition. With so many great options available in 2016, making a final decision isn’t always straightforward. Whatever vehicle you have in mind, it is likely that peer reviews will significantly impact your final decision. There’s a good reason for that – car buyers tend to trust the word of their peers rather than advertisements alone.

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The Role of the Internet

With the huge popularity of the internet, and, more specifically, social media, car buyers are focusing on peer reviews rather than only traditional advertising. This is true whether the individual is buying a vehicle new or used. Both positive and negative reviews play a role, helping drivers to decide between cars that may best suit their needs and those with fancy features.

Relating to Consumers

Research shows that consumers consider peer reviews over the price of the vehicle more often than not. The reason for this is that peer reviews give a consumer specific information about the quality of the vehicle, the handling of the vehicle and much, much more. Believe it or not, most consumers really don’t mind paying a few extra bucks for their vehicle if they have read reliable customer reviews where the features were appreciated.

What better way for a car buyer to find out about the quality of the vehicle and the reputation of the seller or dealership than to read a review or a recommendation from folks who have already purchased that specific vehicle make or model?

Social Proof

Purchasing a new vehicle is much like entering a marriage. It’s a long-term commitment. This is just one of the reasons why the decision to purchase a new vehicle requires a great deal of time and research. You’ve probably heard the old saying, “Monkey see, monkey do.” That saying kind of holds true for vehicle buyers as well. People naturally follow the lead of other folks when it comes to major purchasing decisions because they see that others have had a good experience when doing so. This is a type of psychological phenomenon called Social Proof.

This phenomenon refers to informational social influence and centers on the idea that all people are influenced by the words or actions of the society where they live. Social media sites are an excellent example of this – product opinions often go viral, especially if negative. If your best friend has a great shopping experience at their local dealership, and shares this information with you, you’re probably more likely to shop there, too.

Why It’s Not Necessarily the Last Word

It is important to note that even if something or someone has a negative review, it’s not entirely a deal breaker. Not everyone is going to be happy with a particular vehicle or seller, even if they have the most glowing reputation in the city. One or two negative reviews are almost a given for any business simply because it isn’t possible to please every person every time – but that doesn’t mean dealerships can’t get close.

When reading reviews, look for patterns. Does the seller have a consistent pattern of negative reviews, or just one or two related to something out of their control? Try asking locally to get more information. The same is true for vehicles. Consider the mindset of the person writing the review – was there truly something wrong with the vehicle, or did they just make a poor purchasing decision for their needs?

Searching for a brand new car? Bloomington Ford has what you need. Come on down and hear honest reviews about our wide selection of vehicles or take your favorite new ride out for a test drive yourself.

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