Sales of Ford Performance Vehicles to Surpass 200,000 in 2016

Drivers can’t get enough of recent Ford Performance vehicles. Demand has risen so high this year that new reports indicate that Ford will have sold more than 200,000 performance vehicles this year by the time 2016 comes to an end – nearly double the amount that was sold just three years ago.

Ford Performance Vehicles

Ford Performance Models Sell Out Worldwide

Demand for Ford Performance vehicles – especially cars – has risen to such a high amount that several models have already sold out. All 2017 versions of the Shelby GT350 and 350R Mustang have been sold, and the Focus RS, which was only recently introduced globally for the first time, has sold out in every region around the world. The Mustang, already the world’s best-selling coup, also continues to see rising sales in the European and Asian-Pacific regions.

The dramatic rise in sales of Ford Performance vehicles is the greatest sign yet of a shift in the buying habits of younger, more affluent drivers across the world. More than 6,500 consumers applied to own the first 500 Ford GT cars in 2016. In Europe, sales of Ford Performance vehicles have increased a whopping 98%, causing massive boosts to the global sales figures of the Mustang, Focus RS, Focus ST, and Fiesta ST.

Other relevant figures on Ford Performance vehicles include:

  • In August 2016, Focus ST sales were up 21% August compared to the same time in 2015.
  • More than 8,800 Focus RS have been sold in Europe since the model’s launch in the region.
  • European sales of the Fiesta ST increased 11% between August 2015 and August 2016; more than 38,000 have been sold in Europe since 2013.
  • European customers have ordered more than 20,000 Ford Mustangs since the model was introduced in Europe in late 2015.
  • S. demand for the Mustang GT 350 and 350R is so high, the 2017 models of both vehicles have sold out entirely.

New Ford Performance Vehicles

As demand for Ford Performance vehicles grows, Ford has announced that it plans to release a total of 12 new Performance models by 2020. The first of these, the F-150 Raptor, is expected to arrive during the fourth quarter of 2017, followed by the Ford GT. Shortly after hitting the U.S. market, the Raptor will also become available in China, where demand for the type of high-quality, high-performance vehicles provided by the Ford Performance line is on the rise.

So, why has demand for Ford Performance vehicles grown so rapidly? It’s simple: Drivers all across the world know that Ford Performance vehicles offer the highest levels of performance, comfort, and drivability. There’s a reason that the names of Performance vehicles like Mustang and Shelby are considered classics among car aficionados. That tradition of excellence continues today with every Ford Performance model on the market, and all the ones to follow before the decade is out.

Ford Performance car sales

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