Supply and Demand Reduces Summer Shutdown for Ford

While having a product be in demand is always considered a good thing for a manufacturer, the huge demand for Ford vehicles is causing the company to shorten its typical two week summer shutdown. For anyone in the industry, this is definitely a sign of success for Ford. Indianapolis Ford dealers and dealerships across the country are reporting that the Ford F-series trucks, Edge, Escape, and Explorer are flying off the lot. Reportedly the 2015 F-150 has been leaving the lot within 20 days, while the Edge was going in half that time.  The truck and small utility market is getting better each year, as consumers are taking advantage of the many new features and updates that make these family vehicles!

Taking a Hit to Increase Productivity
In order to meet this demand, Ford is going to only have a one week summer shutdown at five of its manufacturing plants. This will allow them to produce an additional 40,000 vehicles to meet the demand that the popular models have created. Financially, this lack of shutdown is going to cost Ford, but, in the end, the more vehicles that are produced to be sold in such a short time, the more profit the company will see. The old adage is true—you have to spend money to make money.

This is not the first time that the quick turnaround and fast sales of Ford vehicles has caused changes in the yearly shutdown. In fact, this is the third year in a row that they have had to make changes to meet demand. When it comes to determining the success of a company, that is a very good indicator. Another sign that Ford is committed to making changes and increasing production is that over the past few years the company has invested more than $6.2 billion and added more than 15,000 jobs in order to meet customer demand.

New Model Year More Demands
With new 2016 models set to hit dealer lots in the upcoming months, it is important that Ford meets the needs of consumers. While the workers at these plants will have one week less vacation time than normal, we’re sure that the benefits of working at such an in-demand company will include a wonderful compensation. Everyone knows that the better a business does, the better the employees will do. Trickle-down benefits, bonuses, and employee appreciation should be amazing, after the year Ford has had.

The new vehicles with EcoBoost, the redesigned and tech friendly vehicles, and the lightweight versatile trucks and cars are in demand. Ford recognizes the need to produce more vehicles in order to remain a best seller in the U.S.  On June 29th five Ford assembly plants, as well as supporting power train and stamping plants, will shut down for one week. All other Ford plants will be having a full 2 week shutdown from the 29th of June through July 10.

When you hit your Indianapolis Ford dealers looking for one of these in demand vehicles, spare a thought for those workers in Chicago, Dearborn Truck, Kansas City, Louisville, and Oakville, who are working extra hard to keep those vehicles coming in for you!clip image001 0000