What Is Ford’s Concept “Autolivery” Service?

To some people, the idea of using drones to deliver packages seems a little “over-the-top.” After all, most of us are familiar with drones for their use in battle. The idea of driverless cars also seemed ludicrous, not so long ago, but it won’t be long before car buyers have the option to buy a self-driving car from the new vehicle inventories at car dealerships in Bloomington. Ford is taking a different approach with their “Autolivery” concept that combines these two types of technology to modernize package delivery.

What Is Ford’s Concept “Autolivery” Service

With some automakers planning on introducing autonomous vehicles for public use over the next three to four years, Ford will probably wait to bring their version of the public vehicle onto the market. Instead, the automaker is focusing on solutions that will fit in with their “City of Tomorrow” concept that implements autonomous vehicles, ride-sharing, and other advances in transportation that will be appropriate for the lifestyles and needs of people everywhere.

Autolivery is specifically intended to handle the last fifteen meters of package delivery between the truck and the package’s final destination as a means to overcome a number of obstacles that deliverymen often face.

The Verge explains that drop-offs in dense, urban areas, high-rise buildings, or in condensed areas where parking is virtually impossible are just some of the reasons that deliveries are impractical and time-consuming. The time that it takes the delivery man to climb a long set of steps to drop off a single package could better be used to cover the next one, two, or more drop off points.

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The increasing number of people who shop online is just one incentive behind the Autolivery system. This trend is expected to continue, resulting in a higher volume of packages that will need to be delivered. Autolivery will make it possible to get packages to their drop-offs a lot faster, increasing the capabilities of a single truck significantly.

It will also make it possible to order things like groceries from local retailers and have them delivered when needed, right to the front door. In the video Ford used to demonstrate the concept, a woman in a 10th-floor apartment orders groceries she needs for a dinner party by pushing a button on the refrigerator, and the drone delivers them on a landing pad on her balcony.

The Limitations of Drones

Although drones have the capability of landing on a landing pad, they aren’t able to land everywhere. Ford has addressed this issue through their introduction of Carr-E, little round “bots that can carry packages on roads and paths not suitable for the drones.

A Cleaner, Fresher Tomorrow

Each year, we offer new cars for sale in Bloomington IN that are made with the most advanced technology to reduce pollution. The automaker’s goal is to reduce both pollution and congestion—the latter has inspired their ideas on ride-sharing, which have already been implemented in some cities.

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