What’s Under the Ford Super Duty Hood in 2015?

Customers who shop at Bloomington car dealerships are looking forward to the introduction of the 2015 pick-ups. The Super Duty line of pick-ups promises a more rugged work truck for those heavy duty jobs.

The Super Duty work truck line has a more powerful 6 liter Super V8 turbo diesel power stroke, which is the most powerful Ford-built engine yet. There is an alternative fuel capability on custom orders. This engine is flex-fuel capable, allowing the use of E85 (15 percent gasoline and up to 85 percent ethanol), unleaded gas, or a mixture of both fuels. Electronic sensors will pick up on the blend of fuel, and adjust spark timing and fuel injection. Another option is the 6.7L power diesel.

The 2015 Super Duty models including the F-450 which will have a 6-speed TorqShift SelectShift automatic transmission for high torque capabilities. A split shift capability will allow the operator of the work truck to use multiple accessories at the same time. The TorqShift features two-driver initiated SelectShift modes, full manual, and progressive range select. Power an aftermarket PTO, in motion or at a stop, with a gearbox that is connected directly to the crankshaft any time the vehicle is running.

The improved F-450 will be the vehicle to view at Bloomington car dealerships for those heavy workloads. General contractors, farmers, plowing contractors, and construction business owners, along with anyone who needs a powerful workhorse, will want to check it out when looking for a new work truck.

Want a Wild Ford Ride?

The Ford Transit Skyliner is not your grandfather’s van. It is one amazing vehicle designed by Ford Motor Company and built by Galpin Auto Sports. This is a 2015 luxury vehicle to look for at Indianapolis car dealerships.

Four Experience Modes

The business mode has a motorized table that unfolds, enabling occupants to sit together and have a face-to-face meeting. Leather-trimmed seats give a more serious, professional look for the business person who wants an impressive traveling office environment on the road.

The theater mode is beyond comprehension for the relaxing traveler who wants to watch a movie while on a journey. The luxury seats face a retractable Stewart screen. The seats will recline or stay upright as the occupants view the fifty-two inch movie screen. 

For the ultimate event, the Reception Transit Skyliner has four-foot-wide sliding doors that open up for the tailgating experience with no tailgate. This vehicle allows the driver to arrange seating in combination with the sliding doors for entertaining straight from the side of the van at an outdoor concert or event.

For luxury, the travel mode allows riders to enjoy a long trip seated in recliners with retractable foot rests. This unbelievable vehicle brings the comfort of home to the passengers in a custom-designed interior with LED mood lighting, and an entertainment center with satellite KVH DirectTV and HD TV. The owner is also able to custom order a built-in bar to serve refreshments. This “ultra-premium” land transportation vehicle will be the talk of the town at Indianapolis car dealerships this summer.