What’s So Great about the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350?

Ford has released information about the upcoming Shelby GT350 and the GT350R that has car enthusiasts chomping at the bit for a peek at this car. Of course, looking at it won’t be enough. Anyone who loves power and sleek, sexy muscle cars will have to slip behind the wheel and let that pony run. Indianapolis Ford Dealers will be overrun by people wanting to test drive this beautiful machine.
Ford Motor Company is easing this information out to us bit by bit and building up a great deal of anticipation. After all this hype, Ford better deliver on all that has been promised—or there will be some very disappointed drivers.

Whoa! Time to Stop

Both the GT350 and the racier GT350R are born to run, but they also have very elaborate stopping power. The brakes on the new Shelby are a work of art. With 15.5 inch diameter front rotors and 14.9 inch diameter rear rotors that are cross drilled with chamfered holes, there is a much less likely chance of any cracking. Unlike your typical rotors, these are made by casting, and then partially machining, before pins are inserted in radial holes. Then there are aluminum hat sections fitted around the pins. This saves weight and offers a floating rotor that can expand instead of warp in extreme heat.

One-piece six-piston units in front, and one-piece four-piston units in the back are Brembo custom calipers made just for the Shelby GT350 and GT350R. The calipers are radially mounted to offer less pad kickback and more consistent braking. Heat management comes from dedicated brake ducts in the front and rear, which feed air to the ventilated rotors.

Precision Suspension

Unlike standard Mustangs, the Shelby GT350 has 10.5-inch-wide front wheels and 11-inch wheels in the rear. Because this is a wider wheel, the kingpin axis on the Shelby is moved outward, and the pickup points of the lower suspension links are farther apart. Newly recalibrated shocks and a fully upgraded suspension make cornering and handling a breeze.
The rear springs offer a surprising new twist, with oppositely wound directions to eliminate uneven spring performance during cornering. This change led to a required rear lower-control-arm system as well.

Road, Meet Rubber

While there are often manufacturer suggested tires, the GT350 features tires are designed specifically to meet the demands of this vehicle. Engineers told Michelin what they needed, and the Michelin Pilot Super Sports and Sport Cup are ideal for the GT350 and GT350R, respectively. For the GT350R, the super-sticky Sport Cup tires are essentially street legal racing tires.

Just think, all these features are underneath the car—there’s still the news of what’s under the hood, how the interior looks, and the many features added for comfort and ease of use for drivers and passengers. If you’ve been waiting, like so many Mustang enthusiasts have, for the new Shelby GT350, then this newest announcement is just a big tease. Hurry up, Ford, and give us this car, already! When the new Shelby GT350 is released, head over to your local Indianapolis Ford dealer and get behind the wheel for a test drive.