When Is It Time to Move On?

One of the hardest things to determine for a car owner is when the right time has come to trade your current vehicle in for a new one. On the one hand, it is tempting to be able to drive around in a new model with all of the latest technologies. On the other hand, you may have your current vehicle paid off, and it might not be that attractive to take on another car payment right now. There are a number of variables in play that can help you make your decision once you think them through.

Maintenance and More

Often the reason that a car owner will move on to a new purchase is maintenance costs that start to add up on their current vehicle. When the costs of maintenance and repairs become significant, it might make more financial sense to simply buy a new car than continuing to pay to repair the old one. If you should happen to be faced with a significant repair bill on your current vehicle, make sure you at least browse the new car options to determine if that is a path you could take instead. Other factors that should come into play when making this choice are the number of miles that are on the car, the gas mileage that it is currently getting, and any needs that your family has which aren’t being met by your current vehicle.

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Trading In Offers Convenience Over Selling Privately

Once the choice has been made to purchase a new car, you will have to decide if you want to trade your vehicle in to the dealership, or sell it privately. There are pros and cons to both options, so you will have to think about your situation and goals for the transaction. If you are looking for convenience and would like to make the process as simple as possible, trading the vehicle in will be the way to go.

All Done in a Day

If you decide to sell your vehicle privately, you are likely going to have to take out an ad online or in the newspaper and wait for calls to come in. That means you will have to field calls from a variety of people and negotiate on your own, and you may need to deal with many different individuals before you find one actually serious about the purchase. Is it possible to get more money selling privately than via trade in? Sure, it is. However, all that extra work likely won’t be worth any small gain. By trading the car in, you can complete the entire transaction of selling and buying a new car usually within a single day.

Bloomington Ford Is Happy to Help

To look at the cars for sale in Indiana that we have available, stop by our lot at your convenience. Our team will be glad to chat with you about your trade in and negotiate a price that works for you. With the trade in completed and your new car selected, you can start looking forward to driving away in your next vehicle.