Will 2016 Ford Edge Change Driving with Adaptive Steering?

If you are visiting Indianapolis Ford dealerships to test drive and evaluate new vehicles to determine what your next ride will be, you may want to hold off. There are several amazing 2015 Ford models available now, but the new 2016 Ford Edge has the potential to change the whole driving experience. This new model is going to be worth waiting for. The vehicle industry has been dedicated for several years to making vehicles that are not only fun to drive, but also highly responsive, safe, and comfortable. The new system that Ford offers, combined with all the other new features available, makes the 2016 Ford Edge a highly anticipated new model.

What Is Adaptive Steering?

Ford Motor Company has developed an innovative technology that gives new meaning to the term “power steering.” The adaptive steering system makes it easier for drivers to enjoy a fun and agile high speed experience while also offering more maneuverability at lower speeds.  This new system will be standard on the 2016 Edge Sport and optional for the 2016 Edge Titanium. For many people this is going to be a life changer. Anyone with neck or back problems will appreciate the ease of turning the wheel even when moving very slowly.

How Does It Work?

To put it in simple terms, adaptive steering changes the ratio between the driver’s actions and the rotation of the front wheels. The system is responsive to the driver versus regular power steering that has a fixed ratio. This adaptive steering system changes the ratio based on the speed of the vehicle. This makes moving at slower speeds and pulling into a parking space easier, by requiring fewer turns of the wheel. At highway speeds the steering system optimizes the response of the vehicle, allowing you to drive smoothly.

Anyone who has driven manual steering vehicles remembers cranking the wheel hard just to change lanes. The first time in a power steering vehicle was a shock that may have sent you careening around vehicles and barely avoiding the median, but, once you adapted to the ease of turning the wheel, you couldn’t imagine having to drive a manual vehicle again.  This new system will be much like that change. Once you adjust to the responsive steering, you’ll see how much easier your vehicle is to handle and maneuver. Those dreaded parallel parking challenges will be a breeze and, whether you’re rolling in Drive or Reverse, you’ll have more control with less effort on your part.

If you have to spend a lot of time in a vehicle, why not have one that makes driving a fun and easy experience? Commuting and family trips will be easier on your back and nerves with adaptive steering. If you just enjoy driving, then you will definitely want to give the new 2016 Ford Edge a test drive. After the introduction of the 2016 Edge, the Ford adaptive steering system will be available for other Ford family vehicles.

Indianapolis Ford dealerships should have the new 2016 Edge in the next few months. Make sure when you are car shopping that you consider trying out this new model with adaptive steering. It will change the way you drive forever!adaptive steering