Will the Ford Ranger Be Reintroduced in the US in 2019 with a Diesel Engine?

One of Ford’s most popular trucks, the Ford Ranger, stopped being produced in the U.S. in 2011. Indianapolis Ford dealerships missed the popular and affordable model, but were happy with the F-series and other new Ford vehicles that stepped up to take its place. While we haven’t seen a new or updated Ranger since then, Ford has continued to make and sell the truck in other countries and has also updated the look and added two diesel options for the 2015 model overseas.

Now Car and Driver has announced that the midsize Ford Ranger truck will be reintroduced in 2019 in the United States.ford ranger

The Ford Ranger was a very popular and affordable mid-size pickup truck in the United States. There was plenty of room for a few passengers, while also offering the hauling and towing power of a larger truck. For families that didn’t want to pay higher fuel prices, but still needed a decently sized truck, the Ranger was the way to go.

Sales around the world of the newest models have shown that people are still interested in the mid-size truck. The idea that this great smaller truck is coming back to the U.S. is one that makes many people very happy. Unfortunately, there may be some dissension in the news reports we are getting excited about.

While Car and Driver seems to be pretty sure about what’s to come from the Ford Ranger in 2019, there may be a bit of a discrepancy between their reports and official Ford Motor Company representative Mike Levine’s thoughts on the matter. Levine declined to comment on the report, simply saying that Ford is focused on improving fuel efficiency in the U.S. F-150 and Super Duty trucks.

His emailed statement “We do not speculate about future product plans. We have been and will continue investing in F-Series for the North American market, with new powertrains and improved performance, including fuel efficiency,” seems to slam the door and lock it up on talk about a new Ranger. For some, this comes as a disappointment, while others will continue to look for the new 2019 Ford Ranger to be officially announced.

This hasn’t stopped Car and Driver from speculating, though, and getting consumers in the United States excited about the possibilities. Here’s what Car and Driver is expecting to see from the 2019 Ford Ranger, based on the advances and changes made in foreign models and the changes in other Ford vehicles here in the States:

  • 3.2 liter diesel engine to rival fuel efficiency of the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon mid-size vehicles
  • EcoBoost 4-cylinder engine
  • Naturally aspirated gas V6
  • Body-on-frame construction
  • Starting price of less than $25,000

No need to rush out to your local Bloomington Ford just yet to ask about this new Ford Ranger, but when the time comes for the 2019 models to be released, keep your eyes peeled to see whether Car and Driver was correct in their thoughts about a new Ranger in the United States. Even if there is no 2019 Ford Ranger released here, there will definitely be some exciting new vehicles from Ford.