Why Workers across the Country Use Ford F-Series Trucks

Ford Motor Company brought the achievements of American workers to light recently in a Labor Day campaign. Not only did this advertising piece show the achievements of the hard working people in our country, it also shared how Ford F-Series trucks have helped along the way. Indianapolis Ford dealers can tell you from experience, the slogan “Ford Tough” exists for a reason. This is a promise to Ford customers that their vehicles are as hard working as they are and will help get the job done.

Almost a Century of Excellence

For nearly 100 years, Ford trucks have been involved in some of the largest and most important infrastructure projects in the United States. This means, when you look at the history of the U.S. and the structures and projects that have gone down in the record books, Ford played a large part in the success of these grand ideas.

Have you ever visited the Hoover Dam? It is a huge dam that boggles the mind when you consider it is entirely man made. Back in 1931, Ford trucks were used by workers on the project due to their toughness and strength. That one project involved using Ford trucks to haul 5.5 million barrels of cement, 15 million pounds of hydraulic equipment, 5 million cubic yards of concrete masonry, 30 million pounds of reinforcing steel, 40 million pounds of electrical equipment, and millions of pounds of gates and valves.

In 1939 the Alaska Road Commission used Ford trucks to haul rock, gravel, timber, and dirt in order to build and maintain 2,000 miles of road and 70,000 miles of trails.

In 1933 the Fort Peck Dam was beginning construction. This Montana dam was the world’s largest earthen dam at the time. Ford V-8 trucks hauled over 14 million yards of earth in order to clear the path.

While Ford trucks have been used with regularity in the past, you may wonder whether Ford is maintaining that tradition in the modern day. Despite the huge increase in technology, Ford trucks are still America’s choice when it comes to a work truck. There are things that computers and machinery just can’t do, and that’s when the F-Series comes into play.

Breaking Down the Numbers

The Ford F-Series is trusted over any other heavy-duty pickup on the market today when tradesmen need to get the job done. According to a press release issued by the Ford Motor Company:

      • 81.7% of workers in the waste management industry use Ford Super Duty.


      • 78% of government workers use Ford Super Duty.


      • 53.7% of highway and street construction workers use Ford Super Duty.


      • 72.7% of electric services workers use Ford F-150.


      • 61.2% of water, sewer, and pipeline construction workers use Ford F-150.


      • 56.3% of crude petroleum and natural gas workers use Ford F-150 to get the job done.


Visit your Indiana Ford dealer today to check out the newest generation of Ford Tough trucks. You are in for a thrill when you get into the new lighter and easier to handle F-Series trucks. They are great for work and for family.ford motor company