Your Car Shopping Guide

To make it easier to find all of our car shopping tips in one place, we have created this webpage with links to each article from our blog posts. As new articles are written, this page will be updated to include the new articles with the links to each article on this page. We will be writing one or two new articles for this guide each week, so make sure to check back in for new content.


Your Needs and Wants

Figuring out your needs and wants


Finding the Right Vehicle

Resources for Finding Vehicle Information


Vehicle Pricing

The Games that Other Dealerships Play

How much is my trade worth?

Difference between trade in, third party, and retail

Fair Market Pricing (Future Post)


At the Dealership

An Overview of What Happens During Your Dealership Visit

Different Types of Retail Vehicle Outlets (Future Post)

Tips and Tricks for Negotiation (Future Post)

Kicking Tires at the Dealership


After Your Purchase

Things You Should Know About Your Warranty (Future Post)

Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Spring

Auto Warranty Scams


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